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A space to find peace and create balance in our daily lives

We know there is more than one way to create balance within one’s life. At the Vyana Spa & Shala we plan to work with and build a community of practitioners and healers that offer a range of modalities that can inspire and work with each of us to find what works best for each one us.

Devyani Gaur

Devyani Gaur, a lifestyle coach who focuses on meditation and awareness of the body & mind, dedicated to empower people to love the most authentic and healthy life.

A yoga enthusiast with an insatiable appetite to learn and explore in this world of multiplicities, she believes yoga is truly one. Her classes lay emphasis on breath, alignment and adjustment techniques bridging traditional and modern forms.

Devyan is calm and composed approach, precise instructions and soothing voice guides her students effortlessly through the practice.

Yoga with Devyani

As the day transitions so does our way of being. When this rapid shift occurs it is essential to unwind and practice stillness.

“Mind becomes eternal when it becomes still.”

Through practice of conscious movement we wind down to the setting Sun – The Source of Life that breaths through us, integrate spiritual awareness as we navigate our breath to a collective flow attaining equilibrium discipline.

Join us for a distinct practice, where Devyani blends primal techniques to overcome psychosomatic disruptions and guide you to establish a state of plenitude. Through subtle movements we build mind-body awareness and evolve in our daily rhythm. Explore depths of the self. Experience thoughtless waves. Sink deep into the Goan sands and unfold to an expansive horizon. Together let’s align our spines to fluid flows and intuitive breaths.

Join us every Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 PM on the beach in front of Vaayu Kula 

Lara Saluja 


Lara has a longstanding passion for exploration and integration through movement.
She pursued her dreams as a performing artist with Natya Nectar Performing Arts Co. before earning her teacher training certifications from Yoga Alliance and Aerial Arts Association in NYC.

For the last six years, Lara has been guiding regular classes and workshops – focussed on technique and her understanding of the power of dropping into the intuitive feeling body

Yoga and Mobility (group classes)

A creative integration of fundamentals and technique, the aim of this two-part practice is functionality and longevity as you develop a deeper range of motion, improve stability, and lower risk of injury through mindful breath guided movement.


  • Starting from December 20th onwards 
  • Every Monday 9:30 
  • Each class is 75 mins, and is open to all levels.


Want to Teach or Host a Workshop 

The Shala and Gallery space at Vaayu Village regularly held classes and hosted hundreds of wellness focused workshops over our nine years of operation.

We are still finishing our movement shala, but hope to have it done by Christmas time. If you are interested in Joining the Vaayu Kula community, and would like to host a workshop in our space, please email Jillf@vaayuvision.com