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Nourish Yourself

Prana Mandrem

Prana is a Sanskrit word for “life force energy”, “energy”, or “comsic force” when it is flowing through us we experience a state of positivity, health, and well-being.

Prana got it start nine years ago, when we realised it would be nice for our community and guests at Vaayu Village to have a place to nourish our bodies and soul with deliciously nutritious food. Inspired by the coastal cuisines that have been feeding surfers for decades we created a menu that perfectly supported the waterman’s lifestyle we were living. Sadly after 8 years in May 2022 we said goodbye to our first home in Ashwem. Luckily we were able to move the menu we had grown to love and most of our wonderful team with us to our new home in Mandrem. We are committed to continuing to develop new and interesting dishes and drinks while always making space for the community favourites.   

Prana Mandrem celebrates southeast asian traditional styles of architecture. The beautiful reed and coconut rooftops are perfectly placed alongside the shore at one of the most scenic and peaceful beaches in north Goa. With soft white sand melting beneath your feet and the breathtaking Mandrem waves swaying in front of you, Prana Mandrem is a hub for travellers, artists, as well as surfers to collectively soak in the sun, munch on healthy treats, and engage in soulful conversations.

Vaayu Beach Club

The hottest seat in the house? One of Vaayu Kula’s beach loungers.

Vaayu Kula’s Beach Club allows you to soak up the sun and the sea, accompanied by laidback tunes, whilst never straying too far from a fruit smoothie or fresh calamari.  Come sunset on Sunday, it’s also where we host our beautiful chill sunset sundowner with wonderful people from all across India and the globe.  Spend the day horizontal, as a fresh lemonade is delivered right to your side. Offering a small yet delicious menu of juices and smoothies, salads and snacks, enjoy your lunch accompanied by the sound of the ocean.