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Community & Creativity

At Vaayu, we aim to inspire, honour creative souls and fuel your own inspiration. At the heart of Vaayu Kula is community and we come together to create events that make us dance, move, think… 

Vaayu is more than a hotel or a restaurant – it has attracted over the years many artists, creatives, DJs and dancers and they have contributed to the evolution of Vaayu – you can see our community in the photographs and paintings that adorn the walls of the restaurant and rooms. Many of our unique artworks came from our own artist in residency programme – Vision Collective. We have an art space where we host regular exhibitions giving a platform for artists from around India and the world to showcase their paintings, sculpture or creations. 

Our art space also transforms to yoga shala and dance floor… Tune into your own creative rhythm with ecstatic movement and dance. Or you might find an environmental film screening, live music or a community-based sustainable market. 

And our art space is open to you… be in touch if you want to host a party or event, sing or show your artwork. 


At our sister venue Prana Anjuna you’ll find regular gatherings of both live music and our curated ‘Jungle Stories’ that fuel dance with afro house, tech and house nights…. DJs and dancers alike come from all over the world.

Vaayu Community Ethos


  • We believe consent is sexy and always necessary, a no means no.
  • We believe in nonviolent communication and the use of respectful language at all times.  
  • We understand that we are guests on this land, and we commit to treating all of the locals with respect and graciousness for allowing us to be here and celebrate as a community together
  • We believe conflict should and can always be resolved through respectful dialogue, we do not tolerate any physical violence. 
  • We believe everyone should feel encouraged to express their unique and glorious self and feel safe while doing so.
  • We believe in and aim to create a safe and inclusive environment on the dance floor. If ever you don’t feel safe please come and speak to someone on the Vaayu team. 
  • We believe we need to be stewards of the land and ensure we always leave things better than we found them…aka please do not litter and always use the designated trash cans. 
  • We believe in conscious consumption.
  • We believe community means looking out for and helping one another when it’s needed.